photography by Leanne Surfleet 

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photos by Jessi Lembo


photos by Anthony Bailey

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Sorry for the lack of Purr Tape last week. We may just do it every other week now.
This week’s mix mostly has a beachy summery electronic feel to it. Enjoy! Made by, Jessi
01. OK- Micachu & The Shapes02. Private Caller- Saint Pepsi03. 2020- Suuns04. Sheila- Atlas Sound05. Overpowered- Roisin Murphy06. Easy- Micachu & The Shapes07. Mask Maker- Liars08. Telepath- Crystal Castles09. Crimewave- Health10. Anything New- Bibio11. Ba Teaches Yoga- Four Tet12. Aquarium- Nosaj Thing13. A Bang In The Void- Apparat

Sorry for the lack of Purr Tape last week. We may just do it every other week now.

This week’s mix mostly has a beachy summery electronic feel to it. Enjoy! Made by, Jessi

01. OK- Micachu & The Shapes
02. Private Caller- Saint Pepsi
03. 2020- Suuns
04. Sheila- Atlas Sound
05. Overpowered- Roisin Murphy
06. Easy- Micachu & The Shapes
07. Mask Maker- Liars
08. Telepath- Crystal Castles
09. Crimewave- Health
10. Anything New- Bibio
11. Ba Teaches Yoga- Four Tet
12. Aquarium- Nosaj Thing
13. A Bang In The Void- Apparat



Interview with Emily Brout of THE INDECENT


PURR: Who are the members of the band/ how old are all of you and how did you guys meet?

EMILY: The members of my band (not including myself) are my brother (bo brout), my sister (maddy, also brout), and our childhood friend Nicholas Burrows.
Hmm when did the three of us meet you ask? Scientifically speaking I guess we met when our eggs were first fertilized. We are fraternal twins so we did not start off as one fertilized egg. Nick on the other hand we met when we were thirteen and he was twelve. The Canadians Fedexed him to us in this really great bubble wrap. They also sent us black market maple syrup. The Syrup had a tinge of ginger in it, which made It a bit jarring, but we appreciated it nonetheless. Oh I should also mention that when Maddy is away our friend Bryan Thornton becomes Maddy. He is really talented in that way.

PURR: Where are you from and where do you currently live?

EMILY: The three of us grew up in Westchester and moved to n.y.c sophomore year of high school. Nick is from moose country.

P: where did you get the idea for the band’s name?

E: The idea for the band name came pretty much out of thin air. We had a deadline for it and my brother liked all those good ol’ late 70’s early 80’s punk bands like “ The Damned”. So when I thought of the name “the indecent” and he couldn’t think of a better name, it just ended up sticking. We were pretty shocked it was not already taken.

P: your voice has a Dolores O’Riordan/ alanis morissette sound to it. Do you find your vocal inspiration from 1990s artists or have you always sung like that?

E: I get that often, its not really intentional. I just like to have a lot of fun with my voice, and singers that only sort of do their “pretty voice” bore me. There is a big range of emotions and fun little tricks you can do with your voice. I like to try and do Interesting things with it. But I also have always had strange taste in vocals. I tend to favor girls with deeper voices. When I was younger I actually hated sopranos (not the people behind the voice of course, just the voice itself). But I actually appreciate a solid soprano now. I think as you get older ones musical taste tends to dissipate into very strange places, places did not think you could enjoy, appreciate, or adapt too.

P: When did The Indecent get signed and what was your reaction when it happened?

E: The Indecent got signed when we were all fourteen (which would make nick 13) I believe. Although I could be wrong I am not good at timeline keeping…but yeah. We actually are no longer signed to Warner Brothers. We had an amicable separation. Ha, sounds like a divorce when I put it that way.
And, what was your reacting when you found out the band was getting signed? We were young, but I assume it was something Naïve like “YAY we get to not have boring practical jobs!”

P: What was the coolest place you’ve ever played at/ what is always a fun venue to play at?

E: The coolest place we have ever played…hmm that’s a toughie. Recently I would say “Slackfest”, although I have to say playing the Viper room to a bunch of young men in kilts…top notch.

P: Who writes the lyrics?

E: I write the lyrics. I deal with the words. I have a nice relationship with words. Words are fun and colorful and you can express yourself with them, although I guess you could express yourself via other techniques . .. .-.. —- …- . -.— —- ..- (that was Morse code for “ I love you”)

P: What is the song “Hear Them Fear Them” about?

E: Hear them fear them was about the elusive nature of identity. I say that because I was very unsure of myself at the time that I wrote it, but it could have been something that just came out. You never really know what something is about fundamentally right? That’s what led me into trouble academically. I could never thoroughly convince myself I knew anything, this makes a very anxious test taker.

P: How do you guys come up for the basis for your music videos?

E: All of our videos that are up we did with a director named Noah Hutton. He always involved us and really helped us think up stuff. Some of those images were improvised in the sense that they were done on the spot. The upside down video though was all Noah’s idea. It depends on the video. I am pretty sure the Bo in the dress in the tub of blood (that is actually cool-aid) was Bo’s groundbreaking 15 or 16-year-old idea (sarcasm). But of course with videos it’s all about the execution and we can’t really take any credit for that, although we had a lot of fun throwing ideas out. It is always fun to entertain ridiculous concepts that you know you’re not actually going to end up doing.

P: any bands/ musicians you’ve recently just discovered that you’ve been listening to?

E: I have been listening to a lot of Mac Demarco; I did not really like him until “Salad days”. I like what he does with melody now. I also have been listening to Meredith Monk because she makes me incredibly happy and giggly. What else, this band called “ The Ropes” which I really dig, some Johann Johnson. I also have been listening obsessively to stuff I have been working on with my friend under the name “Ludlow ejacula.” I am mentioning this because It will make my friend Bryan who sometimes becomes Maddy very happy. We started doing stuff so I could be pretentious and so he could write songs. I am also going to mention some other awesome bands for they are not only sonically provocative, but also delicious human beings. I know this because I ate them all. The hand me downs, Gingerlys, Turnip king, Onwe, Sunflowerbean, Honduras, life size maps, Scherzo,Total Slacker, noise new york (who I just discovered via slackfest) fugitive (who may change their name soon). I know all of these bands from playing which is one of my favorite parts about playing, you get exposed to new bands. I am probably missing a bunch though…I give up. Oh I also am digging the “Alex G”.

P: you’ve recently toured in Canada, what was that like?

E: Spending time in Canada is always fun/ eerie because we suddenly realize that Nick exists beyond the confines of New York City. I don’t have object permanence, so when he leaves I assume he’s gone forever. When his plane lands I immediately start running around in circles and barking. Then my friend Stephanie gives me peanut butter and I am all better.


Listen THE INDECENT here! Check them out on facebook, bandcamp (for future music), and here for future tour dates. To get in touch with the band with any questions, email


Artwork by Frances Sousa


photography by Mailie Viney


A mix of chill indie/alternative and some smooth sounding electronic. made by Jessi.
01. Alison- Slowdive02. I Know I See I Love I Go- Rainbow Arabia03. My Molly (Ft. Sky Ferreira)- Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti04. Heard About You Last Night- Mogwai05. Tarnished Angel- Silkworm06. Forgive/Forgotten- Angel Olsen07. Cebe And Me- Cold Cave08. Brand - New - Life- Young Marble Giants09. Smooth- Enjoy10. Flowers On The Wall11. Making Plants For Nigel- XTC
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A mix of chill indie/alternative and some smooth sounding electronic.
made by Jessi.

01. Alison- Slowdive
02. I Know I See I Love I Go- Rainbow Arabia
03. My Molly (Ft. Sky Ferreira)- Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti
04. Heard About You Last Night- Mogwai
05. Tarnished Angel- Silkworm
06. Forgive/Forgotten- Angel Olsen
07. Cebe And Me- Cold Cave
08. Brand - New - Life- Young Marble Giants
09. Smooth- Enjoy
10. Flowers On The Wall
11. Making Plants For Nigel- XTC

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photos by Jessi Lembo


photos by Bärbel Praun